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Have you experienced a head injury?

Some common causes of head injury—also known traumatic brain injury (TBI)—include blast or other combat-related injuries, falls, car accidents, and contact sports. Some people who experience a head injury lose consciousness (get knocked out). Others feel confused or like they have “had their bell rung.” (PDF)

Telemental Health Program

Confidential, compassionate mental health care provided through live, secure videoconferencing. (PDF)

Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic

Caring for military families coping with the invisible wounds of war. (PDF)

TBI Program

Approximately 300,000 veterans sustained a TBI as a result of serving in the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; 57% were not evaluated or treated for TBI. Our TBI Program, funded by NYC City Council, is offering services to fill this gap in treatment. The service offers neuropsychological evaluations, which help us to understand the relationship between brain and behavior. These evaluations offer in-depth assessment of memory, thinking visually/verbally, attention, problem solving, planning and mood. The TBI Program also offers cognitive training, to develop strategies to work around cognitive difficulties. The training consists of 10 weekly meetings for 1-2 hours with a neuropsychologist to learn problem solving, organizational strategies and memory and attention techniques. The program also gives the opportunity to learn about how mood, sleep, and headaches can affect cognitive functioning, and strategies to work on these domains. The individualized treatment caters to specific challenges and strengths of each veteran, guided by the neuropsychological assessment.

The Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at NYU Langone Medical Center provides free and confidential individual, couples, family, and group therapy for veterans and their family members regardless of discharge status, combat exposure, or era served. We provide treatment for post traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, readjustment difficulties, relationship problems, along with a variety of other challenges military families may experience. Additional services include treatment for alcohol and substance use as well as assessment and treatment of traumatic brain injury. Our highly skilled clinicians have deep appreciation for and sensitivity to the military culture and its unique strengths and challenges and are passionate about helping veterans and military families. The treatment we provide is flexible and integrative and is rooted in evidence-based principles.

Interested individuals can call our intake line at 855-698-4677 or email us at: MilitaryFamilyClinic@nyumc.org

Visit our website at: http://nyulangone.org/locations/steven-a-cohen-military-family-clinic