Military Exposure to Agent Orange and Other Herbicides Research

Agent Orange/Dioxin Committee Report for the Veteran

Oct 25 – I just got back from the October 2017 BOD Meeting which was very busy for my committee. Our Thursday the Pre-committee Meeting in the VVA National Library was very well attended by many. This meeting is open to all to speak with their ideas and knowledge on this toxic issue. The next day was the main committee meeting which was also well attended. We had 2 speakers at the beginning of the meeting. Dyland Chandler of Congressman Valodo, Calif. updated us on the progress of the Blue Water Navy legislation HR299. On the telephone hook- up we had in place at the meeting was John Wells who has been leading that legislation. We will in VVA continue on doing call-in days to help that legislation to move along. Colt Romberger of Expedition Agent Orange also updated the committee on his progress on riding his horse across America in honor of his father and all veterans that have problems due to their exposure to Agent Orange. We also had an update from Wes Carter on the C-123 issue on our telephone set up. Mokie Porter and I updated the committee on our attendance at the NASME that came to Minnesota for their meeting on the issue. They have been tasked to gather research for the VA who now is tasked to do the S901 legislation on the children and grandchildren. We have thus far completed about 400 town hall meetings all- across America. We must, continue on doing the town halls for veterans and their families that have not heard of the problems that we all have with our kids. It is an educational process at this time. Also, keeping in mind the modern-day warriors who also have been exposed to many toxic substances. We need to take them under our wing to educate them also. Our committee meetings of 2 hours is never enough on this issue as there is much work to be done. I believe the road will be very long on this issue, perhaps until the good Lord calls us home. At that time our young brothers and sisters will need to take over our mission. Much has been coming out on toxic substances left behind on former bases all across America and all over the world where the USA had military bases. These issues need to be addressed also. What a mess that we have left behind for someone to clean up. We have accomplished much though VVA thus far. Being in the 4th quarter of our lives we have limited time to do more and will. We are the veterans group that have started this base education on toxic substances and will continue on as long as we can. I just want to thank everybody for their hard work, as we are a team. A team that gets the job done.

Maynard Kaderlik,
VVA National Agent Orange Committee Chair

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