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We are honored to be here to serve our Veterans with assistance, as well as to promote legislation for the health and rights of veterans—we’ll even give veterans assistance with filing claims. So if it has anything to do with Veterans, it’s here... but if it’s not, or if you have an issue that has not been addressed, please let us know because you, our honored Veteran, is our sole purpose to exist!

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Please help us help our very deserving veterans. Donate whatever amount you can afford, which, of course, is tax deductible. On behalf of all of our Vietnam Veterans, thank you!

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Chipping Away at Veterans' Annual Cost of Living Increases?

July 14 – Buried in the 2020 proposed veterans budget is a plan to “round-down veterans’ annual cost-of-living increases to the nearest whole dollar.” The government stopped doing this in 2013, but now they are bringing it back to save money. Some vet groups believe this is an attempt to balance the budget on the backs of veterans.


Why DoD is Still Using Burn Pits, Even While Now Acknowledging Their Danger

July 12 – The Pentagon acknowledges the risks of burn pits, which the U.S. military has used to get rid of human, food... more

Slashing State Funding for Veterans Will Not Help End the Suicide Epidemic

July 12 – As the nation continues to grapple with how to solve the veterans’ suicide crisis, a number of... more

GI Bill® Comparison Tool

Learn about education programs and compare benefits by school... more

Increasing Veterans' Access to Health Care

Jun 2 – See all we know about the Mission Act 2018 here!


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