PTSD/Substance Abuse National Committee Application

My name is Tom Hall and I was re-appointed as the PTSD/Substance Abuse Committee Chair at the last convention.

While this is business, allow me to thank you for your past service and continuing service to Vietnam veterans and all our new veterans.

I have attached the PTSD/Substance Abuse National Committee nomination form. Please use this to nominate someone to represent your state on this National Committee. At this time, this committee is only collecting nominations for the National PTSD/Substance Abuse Committee to present to the Board of Directors. Attendance can only be at no cost to VVA National. The completed form can be emailed to me at or mailed to my address below.

Encourage your members to send me their email address at, if they would like to be on the PTSD/Substance Abuse mailing list.

As you know, the suicide rate for active duty personnel, returning veterans, and Vietnam veterans is rising at an alarming rate. Though suicide is just one of the issues we veterans are tackling, it highlights the increased need to focus on PTSD/Substance Abuse. At the VVA National convention this past July, during the committee meeting, Henry Iasiello, a member of the California board of directors, stressed how important it is for each chapter to develop a local PTSD/Substance Abuse committee. At this time, there are only approximately 12 chapters that have established a PTSD/Substance Abuse Committee; these chapters work on a variety of ways to locate resources on PTSD and get the word out locally.

Please take this as just another person supporting your ongoing encouragement of local chapters to establish a PTSD/Substance Abuse committees. Given the mounting statistics, our own survival may depend on our familiarity and understanding of the signs, symptoms, and available treatment of PTSD and Substance Abuse.

Thank you for your support,
Dr. Thomas C. Hall CADAC II, LMFT
Chair: PTSD/Substance Abuse National Committee

Dr. Thomas C. Hall CADAC II, LMFT
Professor: Psychology
Coordinator: Addiction Counselor Program
Social Science Division
Kansas City Kansas Community College
7250 State Avenue
Kansas City, Kansas 66112

PTSD Committee Application (PDF)